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From ID cards to bus passes...

29 Aug From ID cards to bus passes...
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... cost effective solutions for Local Councils

Despite the digital nature of the world we live in, ID cards and passes are becoming more and more important. The need to identify personnel, limit services to permitted individuals like OAPs, and manage multiple work sites whilst keeping staff and visitors safe and secure has escalated. Now, more than ever, cost effective but simple-to-use ID card and pass solutions are required.

Welcome to our world…

Public sector organisations need both quality products and reliable customer service at value-for-money prices. At ID Card Centre we’re very aware of this, and have built an enviable reputation on making that our focus. We understand that print runs can be quite large but still need to be delivered quickly. We know that security encoding and safety features are paramount. And we are very aware that every access solution needs to be easy to use.

Put simply, if you have been tasked by a public sector organisation to source ID cards or passes for an access control system, you need to speak to us.

A specific case in hand – bus passes

Since 2008, ID Card Centre have been supplying bus passes for one of the largest local councils in the country. This authority issues over 4,000 passes each year, which is a lot to manage so they need a solution that:

  • Is easy to use
  • Is robust and hard-wearing
  • Makes individuals clearly identifiable
  • Can adjust visually year on year to ensure renewals have taken place
  • Can be issued easily to temporary travellers etc.

The ID Card Centre Solution:

Our knowledge and experience enabled us to choose a quality of laminated paper, as opposed to traditional plastic) that though being thick and durable can be cut to credit card size and yet still fits in a wallet or purse.

The design on the card needed to be kept simple, we’ve set it out with the council logo clearly visible, along with the holder’s name and photo. We chose a bold base colour to make the pass easily identifiable in a wallet. And this base colour changes each year so that bus drivers can easily see that the latest pass is being used.

We were also able to meet the brief for temporary cards by including a cold seal laminate along the top edge of the card. The name and photo can be added manually and sealed over with the laminate cover, to create the pass.

Print in-house or we can do it for you

But our work for public organisations isn’t limited to bus passes. We’re aware that print runs for any type of ID card can be large. Sometimes it’s easier to do that in-house and we can supply you with the right printer for your needs, either on hire or to buy. However, some organisations prefer not to have to manage that themselves, and we therefore also offer a printing bureau service that will design and print all the ID cards and passes you need… when you need them. We keep most items in stock, so often your order can be delivered the next working day – though we’ll always pull out all the stops for those ultra-urgent jobs, of course!

So if you work for a public organisation and would like to find more about the special terms available to you, please do give us a call!  We’d be delighted to talk through your requirements in more detail and give you a quote.

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