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How can you print Braille on an ID card?

How can you print Braille on an ID card?

Printed ID Card

A case study...

We work with a lot of public sector organisations and produce many different types of cards and passes so when we were approached to create ID cards for a tourist board we knew we could fulfil their brief.

The brief

The client was looking for a standard credit card sized ID Card to feature a brand new, eye catching design to the front, and also include the holder's photo and name.  The rear of the card would be printed with generic information regarding what to do with a lost card if it was found.

The cards also needed to be compatible with their existing systems for access control and print release.

Initially a print run of 350 ID cards would be required but subsequent orders would be placed throughout the year as new passes were required.

The solution

We established that MIFARE® EV1 cards would work with their existing systems and they are also an excellent quality card that can be fully customised.

Our design bureau worked directly with the client to come up with a design that was practical, eye catching and on brand.

We also suggested the addition of Braille stickers to the cards.  As the card holders would be out in the community, this would allow their cards to the ‘read’ by the blind or visually impaired.  The message in Braille read ‘To verify the identity of the cardholder please call (phone number)’.

Braille is a form of embossing and therefore cannot be added to smart technology cards due to the internal antenna, therefore our sticker solution was an ideal way to bridge this gap.

The Result

A crisp, clean design and practical ID cards that quickly and easily identify the card holder whilst also allowing the card holder to enter their offices and go about their working day.

The card type and design is stored in our bureau so anytime the customer requires more cards they email us the details and we print and ship for next working day delivery.

If you have a print and fulfilment requirement that you think our bureau can help you with them please contact us to see how we can help you. 

01604 422422 or

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