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ID Card Centre Case Study - In Case of Emergency Cards

27 Sep ID Card Centre Case Study - In Case of Emergency Cards
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When a large Utility company approached us looking for In Case of Emergency cards for their lone workers, we had the perfect solution to offer them.

The Brief

We were contacted by one of the largest energy, phone and broadband providers in the country as they were looking for a way of giving their team of 1800 lone workers a uniform way of carrying in case of emergency contact information with them at all times.

The Solution

Whilst we could have suggested a full-size ID card, in this instance we felt our mini tags were more suited to the job. 

Our ‘3-up’ tags are initially standard credit card size and can be fully printed on both sides with logos and branding to the front and personal information to the rear.  Once printed the cards can be snapped apart to give 3 identical mini tags. 

The tags come pre-punched with a hole ready to be attached to shoelaces, coats, bags or other equipment or clothing. 

Having 3 tags meant the information could be stored in 3 separate, accessible places and would be even less likely to be forgotten. 

The tags are made from durable PVC and can withstand most machine washes under 60 degrees, so even if they were left attached to clothing, they would still be fully readable.


The Result

The customer’s logo was printed on the front of the tags, in full and vibrant colour ensuring that it is easily identifiable.

The client provided us with a spreadsheet containing all of the personal data for the workforce which was then printed on the back of the card.  This included:

  • Card holder name
  • Emergency contact person, their relationship to them and their contact number
  • 24-hour contact number for the company they worked for
  • Details of any medical conditions and allergies

The tags were printed and sorted into alphabetical order before being courier to the client for distribution to their workforce.

If you have a bulk ICEtags enquiry please contact us at [email protected] to discuss your requirements and get a quotation or take a look at for individual custom tags and bulk pricing options.



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