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ID Card Centre Case Study - NHS

10 May ID Card Centre Case Study - NHS
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The Brief

We were approached by an NHS Trust to produce around 400 name badges for their staff.

They wanted to place this order as a call-off, meaning all 400 badges were ordered in advance but would then be produced and sent out only when they were needed. We also provided a number of reusable badges, meaning they could quickly issue emergency badges as and when required without the need to wait for an acrylic personalised badge to be manufactured. This meant that every member of staff in the wards could be easily identified, which keeps CQC happy!


The Solution

The badge type we selected was a 76mm x 38mm badge with an acrylic dome. The design of the badge was kept clean and simple with the NHS logo, staff name and job title. The reusable badges were of a similar design, but the user could print the details on a slip of paper or cardboard and simply insert this into the gap enabling the label to be viewed through the transparent window.

Taking into consideration that staff may be working long and physically demanding shifts, the name badges needed to be durable and easy to wear.

An acrylic dome created a hard-wearing and protective barrier for the badge, thereby enhancing its durability, making it a long-term, cost-effective solution and easy to wipe, clean and sterilize, which is so important in a hospital environment.

To affix the badges, we recommended magnetic clip fixings.  They attach the badge securely to clothing, but if it became caught (or was grabbed!), it would come away without any damage.  Magnetic fixings aren’t suitable for people with pacemakers or heart conditions, so our multi-clips were also offered as an alternative option.

The Result

All badges were produced to high quality, and each batch was printed and delivered on time with a short turnaround. We organised and packaged the badges into different departments so that they could be easily distributed to the correct areas upon arrival with the customer.

We were also asked to produce visitor badges on credit card-sized PVC. These were printed with a sequential number as well as standard information to the rear – these were designed to fit into visitor pass holders, with pre-printed visitor lanyards attached, to ensure that visitors to the hospital are easily identified.

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