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Top 9 Reasons Why An ID Card System Is Good For Business

21 Jul Top 9 Reasons Why An ID Card System Is Good For Business
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With security becoming more and more of a buzz word these days, it’s important for organisations to take their duty of care to their employees seriously.


A well-designed ID card system is one strategy companies can implement to help achieve this.

And the best thing of all is… it also brings additional benefits.


Here are nine compelling reasons why an ID card system should be operating in your business.

1.  Identifies individuals:

An obvious reason, but one of the top reasons. Operating an ID card system on your reception desk will help to prevent unauthorised personnel gaining access to your offices. Security can also ask to see a card if someone is acting suspiciously elsewhere in the building too.

2.  Differentiates communal areas from secure work areas:

Some organisations require differing levels of security across departments. An ID card system is a simple, cost effective way to achieve this. Many organisations regularly use temps and contractors. An ID card system makes limiting their access simple. Access granted one day. Access denied the next.

3.  Enhances a sense of safety for staff:

Employees feel that you are taking security seriously. There is a sense that entry/exit to the building is monitored and traceable, which makes them feel secure.

4.  Enhances professional image:

An ID card is an opportunity to promote your logo and brand outside the office. Friends and family will see them from time to time. But it’s also more than that. An ID card system suggests a business is serious about what they do, serious about staff security, and weighty enough to warrant an ID system in the first place.

5.  It’s easy to program and operate:

Once set up, adding new/temporary cards to the system is simple. Amending access rights to different areas is easy too. It facilitates a lot of control with little effort.

6.  Aids communication in a large organisation:

When doubled up as name badges, ID cards keep everyone talking to each other. They can make cross-departmental meetings and presentation events easier to manage, and they take the worry of remembering people’s names out of the equation so people can focus on what’s being discussed instead.

7.  Facilitates access/activity tracking and monitoring:

For starters, entry and exit times can be easily be logged. However an ID card system offers a lot more than just that. If you need to limit security access to certain departments, knowing who was and who wasn’t in the office at a certain time may be invaluable.

8.  Makes visitors easily identifiable:

By making visitor ID cards clearly identifiable, security staff can quickly spot those who ‘belong’ in an area, and those who have gone astray. 

9.  A single card can work across multiple sites:

Separate security procedures needn’t be set up for each building. One system can, if required, cater for multiple locations.


Here at ID Card Centre, we're experts in the fields of identity so if you’d like to find out more about how an ID card system could work for your organisation, then please give us a call!

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