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Project Genesius - stamping out ID fraud!

Project Genesius - stamping out ID fraud!

What is Project Genesius?

Project Genesius was launched in 2007 and is an initiative between the Metropolitan Police Service and the Specialist Printing Industry.

Its objective is to forge a working relationship between the printing industry and law enforcement agencies, to combat criminal activity relating to the unlawful use of printing equipment, for example to make fake IDs.

Project Genesius

Who can become involved?

This project involves any company that manufactures, re-sells or distributes equipment or software that can create false documents and identification.

These companies are then bound by a code of conduct governing record keeping, customer profiling, supply of goods, disposal of equipment and supply of information to the police.

What are the advantages of the scheme?

Project Genesius offers its members an active and vocal involvement thanks to a working group that meets three times a year.

Members have a confidential and direct channel to report suspicious orders for products that may be intended for illegitimate use

It is a growing network that is creating a greater awareness of the market and the products that are being distributed.

It also offers protection and peace of mind to consumers who can guarantee that any suppliers that are part of the scheme are legitimate and authorised suppliers of printing equipment, consumables and services.

How does this impact Data Protection?

Data Protection still remains an utmost priority with every order and business transaction.

Information is only shared if it may prevent or detect a crime, and this will be dealt with in the strictest confidence.

How can you find out who is signed up to the project?

An easy way to find this is by looking the Metropolitan Police Project Genesius Logo.  Each member of the project is required to sign a contract before gaining permission to display the logo on their website.

The scheme is currently supported by many highly respected industry names such as Magicard and Essentra and of course ID Card Centre!

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