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Data We Need To Print Your ID Cards

Whether you need 1 or 1,000 ID Cards our card printing service can take all the hassle out of arranging your professional ID Cards. ID Card Printing turnaround time is 1-3 days, for large orders it is always best to confirm estimated completion times before ordering.

Our Card Printing Bureau takes all the hassle out of printing your ID cards, with the added benefit of no expensive outlay for equipment. We have a large number of clients who use this service on a regular basis and an increasing number of new clients. This article is designed to be a short guide to the data we need to print your ID Cards and we are hoping it will prove useful to you.

Here are the four options to consider before you send your data to us:

Fixed Text

Which part of the text on each badge will be the same for every card. What should it say, and where should it be placed. Examples of this are: your company name, strapline, address, website etc.

Variable Text

This is the information that changes on each card, the personalised content. Like: name, telephone, email address, job title etc.

Variable Images

The images that need to be different on each ID Card, this is usually a photo (for photo ID Cards) or even a QR code.

Fixed Images

The images that will need to be the same for every ID Card, like your logo.

Here is an example card highlighting these options:

Data We Need To Print Your ID Cards

How to Send Us The Data We Need To Print Your ID Cards

The best way to get your information to us; we suggest you split out the fixed and variable data. Send the fixed data, that’s the text and images that will be on every card, in the body of an email and as suitably named attachments and send to

Next collate the data that will be variable and compile this in an excel sheet with a column for each variable field. With variable images a good way to tie these in is to number your records and include that number as the name of the image, or you can match variable images with the other variable data, for instance a photo can be called the person’s name.

If you have any queries regarding this article, our card printing services or the process of providing variable data – our friendly team will be happy to chat to you and advise on the best course of action for your needs. Call 01604 422422 or email

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