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How Name Badges Improve Children's Activities Clubs

14 Sep How Name Badges Improve Children's Activities Clubs
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Name badges for children’s work volunteers, staff and even kids themselves are often an organiser’s afterthought. However, a club badge at a children’s holiday club or camp can significantly improve your safeguarding – and your customers’ experience.

Children’s holiday activity clubs and camps are places where staff, volunteers, parents, carers and children from different schools make new friends. However, the first few days can be nerve-racking for all concerned, particularly for any child who joins later than the other children.

We have a veteran volunteer at children’s holiday activities, camps and clubs in our team who has given us the tips and ideas below.

Staff name badges at children’s holiday clubs help to reassure parents and children

On day one of any holiday club, many children and their parents turn up to sign in, often not knowing anyone’s name or responsibility. Furthermore, they are unlikely to be able to distinguish between the staff, volunteers and other parents or carers.

Staff and volunteer team name badges enable parents, carers and children to identify who’s going to be looking after the youngsters and who to speak to about medication, allergies and any other concerns.

Relying on parents and carers to remember who’s who in such a crowded, often noisy, situation is unnecessary. Showing them who’s coordinating the children’s activities at the holiday camp helps to improve their customer experience.

Volunteer and staff ID badges indicating roles and responsibilities

If you are leading children at a summer holiday camp or activity club for any length of time, you need to know who’s responsible for looking after and administering medicines.

As a volunteer children’s worker, turning up to help at an event and not knowing anyone’s name or responsibility is daunting. You end up relying on memory, but this is unnecessary. It is also reassuring to see a name badge indicating that somebody is a first aider or has a speciality that your child is interested in, e.g. music, crafts or sports and games.

Children’s camp name badges with icons indicating allergies and special conditions

If you run a holiday club or children’s activities club and have an ID badge printer or use a plastic card printing service such as ours, you will have the opportunity to use icons to flag vital information to staff and volunteers. If you have your own printer, badges can quickly be reprinted if an adjustment is required.

For example, if your holiday camp package includes snacks or meals, the traditional green and red plate system falls short because it doesn’t tell you what a child is allergic to. Quite often, children will only be at the activity or club for just a few days, so your staff and volunteers don’t have the time to memorise who is allergic to what. Printing the allergen icons used on food packaging onto children’s name badges completely removes ambiguity and dramatically reduces the risk of making a dangerous mistake.

Taking the holiday activity camp register can be arduous work

Not many holiday activity camp volunteers enjoy taking the register at a children’s club where they don’t know anyone’s name. It’s easy to miss a child off a list, and many children are initially too shy to speak up. An excited bunch of children will nearly always mess around rather than sit still and quietly while you complete this arduous task, so it’s easy to make a mistake.

Giving the children name badges, not single-use stickers, makes this task quicker and less prone to errors. A child doesn’t get their badge until you have ticked off their name, and they hand in their name badge when they are collected, so you can verify exactly who you have left on your register after the home-time rush. If there are children at your holiday camp without a name badge, you can spot them easily and correct any admin errors or oversights.

Children’s club badges make taking the register outdated

You could take the children’s holiday club name badge a step further and have barcodes or QR codes printed on them for a fully automated, speedy check-in and check-out process at the beginning and end of each day, with compatible software. These ID badge barcodes or QR codes can discreetly hold a large amount of information, including the parent/guardian’s contact details, the child’s medicine requirements, and other special needs they may have.

Promote your children’s camp on your club badge

Children’s activity clubs nearly always take place in venues belonging to another organisation, so opportunities for branded signage are limited and always temporary. Your staff and volunteer ID badges are an ideal additional space to promote your brand – this always enhances perceived professionalism. You could even dedicate space for a catchphrase that promotes your business’s values.

Your name badge options

Children’s holiday activity camp organisers have a host of name badge options available to choose from. Some of these choices will depend on how you would like to use your children’s staff and volunteer ID badges, and the issues you would like them to overcome. The links below will lead you to more useful information, but remember that we are on hand if you need advice.

Options to consider:

For more information about how ID badges can improve security and customer experience at your children’s activity club, please get in touch with a member of our expert team.