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ID Card Centre Get SMART

19 Jan ID Card Centre Get SMART
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ID Card Centre are pleased to announce a new addition to our printer range

Introducing the IDP Smart Card Printers.

For ease of use these printers have a plug and play functionality, real time print status and ribbon count displayed on the LCD screen.

The IDP Smart Card printers are compatible with both PC and MAC and with options such as Ethernet network connection which allows multiple users to utilise the printer at one time. The printer can be upgraded from single to double sided and can either be supplied or upgraded with all the encoder and security options you would expect from a printer in our range. A laminator version is available for really tough and long lasting cards. To view the full range of features available take a look at the video:

These IDP Smart Card Printers provide the most economical card printing solution in the industry! Quiet and fast we highly recommend taking a more in-depth look at this new range.

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