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ID Cards for Courier Companies

03 Oct ID Cards for Courier Companies
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For courier companies, it is understood that identification is an essential part of the business. Integral security must contribute to people's overall impression of your business regardless of whether you are a small, local delivery service or a larger, international organisation.

So what areas within your courier company need ID Cards? Below we take a look at the different areas where ID is essential and how we can help:

Drivers and deliveries

If you are a van/lorry driver, you will ultimately be the one that will be face-to-face with the person receiving the parcel. This might be to someone at home or an organisation. Either way, showing a photographic ID with your name and company details is essential. Teamed with a cardholder and badge reel will make it a lot easier to access than one on a lanyard stuck behind the parcel you are carrying.

Office Staff

Most big organisations require all staff to be compliant with their identity requirements. Again Photo ID, perhaps coupled with security access technology.

Operational Staff

If you are part of the operational structure, you will no doubt be on a shift rotation, whether working in a warehouse, hub or airport. Ever tried getting onto airport property without ID and paperwork?!? Mission impossible.

There is also the health and safety aspect to consider. Where most office staff wear their ID badges with a lanyard around their neck, this could promote a greater risk for a person moving heavy boxes and working with machinery.  Whilst all of our lanyards come with a standard health and safety breakaway, you may use a badge reel or an armband holder instead, allowing your ID to be still visible and accessible, attached snuggly to your waistband or arm.


Visitors are more than likely to be on the premises on a daily basis, whether it’s a potential client, course attendees or even third-party delivery drivers dropping goods into your hub or warehouse.  Providing them with the correct visiting identification will be essential to recognising why they are on the premises.

ID Cards for Courier Companies

Regardless of the size of your company, we have ID Card Solutions to match your needs. Services include:

  • ID Card Printing Bureau
  • ID Card Printer Hire
  • ID Card Printer Sales
  • ID Card Printer Ribbons
  • ID Card Holders
  • Lanyards
  • Personalised Lanyards
  • And Various Accessories


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