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ID Cards for Visitors

23 Jan ID Cards for Visitors
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If you are a large business or organisation that has frequent visitors to your premises, it is essential that they have the correct identification on them at all times to establish who they are and in some cases comply with Health and Safety policies.

ID Card Centre can cater for your requirements in this area, whether it be designing and printing the visitor badges for you or providing you with the printers, software and consumables for you to print them yourselves.

ID cards for Visitors

Red Visitor LanyardThe cards we provide range from a plain white PVC cards to intelligent (Access Control) cards, compatible with various security systems.  Any of our cards can be personalised with your own artwork and company logo, business messages, photos, Holodesign® and other security features if required.

Health and Safety

Health and Safety information is imperative for visitors and essential for an employer to make anyone on the premises know and understand what the policies are. By printing these details onto an visitor ID card you can provide them with details of your fire evacuation process, first aid points and contacts and so they know what to do and where to find help should an incident arise.

ID Cards

Plastic cards are smarter and more economical for your business than paper based cards or hand written visitor slips.  A generic, plastic visitor badge is extremely durable so can be used time and time again and can be sequentially numbered to be used in conjunction with a manual visitor book or visitor management software.


If you need to personalise each visitor card, we can provide you with the complete solution to do this on site, including the software to capture the visitor information, camera to take their photo if required and printer to print the card directly at your registration desk.  We can even supply specialist printers that will ‘rewrite’ your cards which are “printed” using a heat sensitive layer on the card and no additional consumables – these work by removing the personalised information and replacing it with the next visitor’s details (mono print only), this enables you to reuse the cards up to 500 times, saving money, minimising waste and therefore your environmental impact.

Whether it’s the basic visitor information cards that you require, or more personalised cards that include photographs and a swipe card facility, we can help you. We have options to tailor ID cards to the needs of your company so get in touch today and we can go through your requirements with you.

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