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Introducing the Evolis Agilia: A perfect solution for your ID card printing needs

24 Oct Introducing the Evolis Agilia: A perfect solution for your ID card printing needs
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Designed for improving your ID card production, the Evolis Agilia is a high quality, cost-effective, durable retransfer printer that can deliver unimaginable images in 600dpi resolution. The retransfer technology does an excellent job at printing onto cards using an ink ribbon and film.
There are many great features about the Evolis, including:

•    Single or double-sided retransfer printing technology
•    Edge-to-edge printing
•    Print in 600dpi resolution
•    Print speeds of up to 150 cards per hour (YMCK, Single-sided)
•    Print speeds of up to 100 cards per hour (YMCKK, Double-sided)
•    Lamination for prolonging your cards lifespan
•    Encoding options (Magnetic Strip Encoder, Dual smart card encoders)
•    Compatible with Windows, MAC, Linux, and Android

The Agilia is a compact versatile printer that can adapt to all your needs, allowing many different card types such as PVC, PET, ABS and PC. You can choose additional upgrades, depending on your businesses requirements:

•    Single (Comes as standard with printer) or Double Sided (Upgrade)
•    Dual-sided upgrade kit for Agilia
•    Locking access to cards, ribbons and film (Optional)
•    IDAssist (Our support plan, assisting you on anything you need)

Benefits for businesses

This Agilia printer is ideal for businesses wanting to print ID cards, badges and more! If you want to customise your cards specifically tailored to your needs, this reliable and consistent printer is perfect as can produce vibrant, crisp colours that represents your organisation. The investment on this outstanding card printer might seem slightly higher however, you are guaranteed to have big long term savings due to it being the lowest cost per print on the market! You won’t be needing to upgrade as you are already equipped with everything you need to improve your production!

Equipped with a high print volume, you can print up to 150 cards per hour (YMCK, Single-sided) or up to 100 cards per hour (YMCKK, Double-sided). Additionally, it also comes with a lamination option which allows you to prolong the lifespan of all your cards with an extra layer of protection.

Please visit our compatible Agilia printer ribbons page to see which product suits you best!

If you want to find out more about the Evolis Agilia, please get in touch with a member of our team.