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Mobile Credentials: The Future of Access Control

31 May Mobile Credentials: The Future of Access Control
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Access control systems are commonplace in most buildings, with organisations in the retail, corporate, healthcare, and financial sectors all using the highest security measures possible. Using smart technology fobs and cards, the users of your building can swipe readers at doors to enter and exit certain areas. That means access can be denied for certain groups of people or restricted to certain times of the day.

By replacing cards and fobs with mobile credential passes, you can offer each user an individual ID that’s more convenient and secure.

What are mobile credentials?

Mobile credentials are an upgraded access control system where people can use their mobile phones to unlock doors. 

With a management portal that can be accessed and updated in real time, you can issue and revoke mobile credentials to your users in an instant. Each pass contains a unique ID, stored on the user’s phone, so it’s difficult to forge and unlikely to be shared. 

In the event of the phone being misplaced, you can easily cancel the pass to prevent any unauthorised access and issue a new one to the user’s new smartphone.

How do mobile credentials work?

By utilising the built in NFC technology on most smartphones, mobile credentials allow users to enter and exit doors in a contactless manner. This improves hygiene whilst reducing any potential delays, therefore adding efficiency to your business.

Most people carry their smartphone at all times, and are commonplace for a range of services, including mobile banking, company networking, and even unlocking cars.

With smartphone credentials, you can manage each ID from the management portal. You can change and update credentials to only grant access to certain rooms or during certain times, or you can issue or revoke them instantly. This is ideal for any new starters or staff who are leaving, as you can avoid any awkward in-person scenarios and don’t need to collect fobs or cards.

Benefits of mobile credentials

Introducing a smartphone access control system will have many benefits for your business, including:

•    Increased hygiene: reduce contact with high touch points
•    Improved efficiency: speed up time spent at entry and exit points
•    Reduce plastic waste: no cards, fobs or lanyards are required for the system
•    Real-time access management portal: using the back office system, you can enable or revoke permissions instantly
•    Prevents card/fob sharing: people are less likely to share their mobile phones, but will often lend their card or fob to someone else
•    Reduce risk of loss: users are less likely to lose their smartphone or watch than their card or fob
•    First impressions: contactless access control systems offer an impressive user experience

Where can mobile credentials be used?

Mobile credentials are suitable for use in a range of industries, including commercial real estate, finance and banking, healthcare, education, and more.

They are easy to introduce – upgrade your readers and issue passes to the users you require for a seamless transition to high-security access control.

To find out more about how mobile credentials can benefit your business, please get in touch with a member of our expert team.