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NHS Products and the #hellomynameis Campaign

22 Apr NHS Products and the #hellomynameis Campaign
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If you work in the healthcare sector yourself or are involved with the sector in any way- even if you’ve been a patient in hospital in the last few years- you’ll likely recognise the #hellomynameis logo. The Hello My Name Is campaign is a simple yet effective idea that encourages NHS and healthcare staff to introduce themselves to their patients, helping to build a personal bond with the patient and to make the patient feel more at ease. 

What is the #hellomynameis campaign?

The campaign was started by doctor and patient Kate Granger. After a hospital stay in 2013 as a result of post-operative sepsis, Kate observed that many staff did not introduce themselves before providing care. This is a vital communication that Kate felt was missing, so she and her husband set up the #hellomynameis campaign

The campaign began primarily on social media where Kate and others could use the hashtag to encourage fellow doctors and nurses to introduce themselves to patients and thus be able to offer more caring and compassionate care. Since the campaign started in 2013, the hashtag has had over 2 billion impressions and the logo is commonly recognised throughout the entire healthcare sector. 

#hellomynameis campaign logo

Supporting the Campaign

Kate sadly passed away in 2016 after a five year fight with her illness, but the campaign that she set up continues to run and is bigger than ever. Today, there are many different ways that the #hellomynameis campaign can be embraced, including through the use of badges and lanyards with the campaign branding. 

#hellomynameis white window badge

Across the NHS and in other areas of healthcare too, #hellomynameis name badges are used by care providers in support of the campaign but also to encourage staff to introduce themselves to patients by name. As a result, the logo and campaign are becoming more and more recognised and the badges are being implemented by more and more providers in the healthcare sector.

In support of the campaign, 10% of profits will be donated to St. Gemma’s Hospice who are supported by the #hellomynameis campaign. 

Volunteer Badges

With healthcare currently at the forefront of our minds due to the current situation in the UK, we’re pleased to be able to offer #hellomynameis volunteer badges at a discounted price until July 2020 to help with the influx of temporary staff and volunteer workers. The yellow colour makes them dementia-friendly, and the domed resin finish ensures that they are durable. As you can see from the image below, there are several standard designs available- so when you order online just let us know which style you prefer!

#hellomynameis NHS volunteer badge in yellow

#hellomynameis Lanyards

NHS lanyards with the campaign branding are also available on our website and are an alternative to name badges should you like one. They’re also available in welsh or with the NHS Scotland logo on so that the campaign can be embraced throughout the UK.

Looking for cardholders to go on the end of your lanyards?

We are able to supply these with the #hellomynameis branding.

NHS #hellomynameis Lanyards