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Paper ID Cards For A Temporary, Sustainable Solution

21 Nov Paper ID Cards For A Temporary, Sustainable Solution
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Awareness of the impact we have on the environment continues to rise in relevancy, and the understanding of our responsibility towards the planet is becoming more significant within businesses. By implementing a recycling and green ideology within your business, you are setting an example to both your employees and to other companies whilst also showing your staff that you are a considerate employer with an interest in the future of the planet.

Starting a culture of sustainability in your business requires you to look at every detail within your company and improve it and reduce waste. Separating paper and plastics for recycling, reducing paper and printing use, and managing electricity usage are all things that can help to reduce the wastage your organisation produces and therefore improves the carbon footprint of your business. These improvements can also lead you to save money in the long run – with less stationery purchased and reduced energy bills.

If your business has an ID card system in place, you may consider a shift away from traditional plastic cards for a more planet-friendly alternative. Paper is a natural and renewable material that is suited for businesses that want a more eco-friendly ID card. These are ideal for businesses that have requirements for short-term staff members such as temporary employees, contractors, or visitors. For example, paper name badges and ID cards have been the go-to for the events industry for a long time, as they are only needed for a short period of time.

Made from thick and sturdy paper, these cards can still carry all of the relevant information that a traditional non-smart plastic ID card does, so you can still use barcodes and QR. Once the card has reached its lifespan, they can be recycled, keeping in line with business sustainability.

Paper cards do have their disadvantages in comparison to PVC. Paper cards can only be used with a black ribbon and therefore are only suited to monochrome printing. They also aren’t as hardwearing, so if the card is required for long term, it will need to be reprinted. This also means they are more susceptible to damage and wear and tear over a longer period of time. PVC cards are more suited to long-term usage as they maintain their integrity for longer, and are also compatible with technology such as magnetic strips and smart chips. 

Evolis paper cards carry the Forestry Stewardship Council (FSC) label. This means that they are made from sustainably managed forests. They also meet the ‘compostability’ standard EN 14995 (cf EN 13432), meaning that if you don’t recycle them, they will biodegrade within a few months. It is always good practice to destroy any old ID cards when they have been used to ensure the information is not susceptible to fraud.

These paper cards are compatible with Evolis Primacy, Zenius and the Evolis Edikio printers – meaning that if you have an existing Evolis ID card printer, you will likely be able to make the change to eco-friendly paper by just using a different ribbon. They are also cheaper than PVC, so if you have a regular flow of visitors, contractors or temporary staff, opting for Evolis paper cards is not only sustainable but cost-effective too.

To complete the eco-friendly ID card solution, we offer lanyards made from recycled plastic. Each lanyard is made from recycled plastic bottles and comes in a range of colours so you can match your branding. These lanyards are comfortable to wear and allow you to display your paper ID card easily – you would never know they are made of plastic, as they look and feel like a traditional material lanyard! 

Here at ID Card Centre, we believe that sustainability is important and the right choice for both businesses and individuals to make. We have a responsibility to be planet positive and therefore continue to find new products and services that fit within our sustainable mission and help the planet.

To try and reduce the impact of plastic and microplastics on the environment, we have partnered with Plastic Bank, an organisation that helps remove discarded plastics and empowers poor communities at the same time.

By setting up recycling systems in certain areas near the sea, Plastic Bank allows those who live in those communities to collect plastic materials, such as bottles from the ocean and the nearby environment, to bring them to the recycling system. In exchange, they will receive basic necessities such as groceries, schooling, health insurance, and even money, which improves their quality of life and empowers the workers and the community as a whole.

Our partnership with Plastic Bank means that every order placed through ID Card Centre’s website generates the removal of 10 items of plastic material – and if you’re purchasing products that are certifiably eco-friendly, you can feel reassured that your ID and access control requirements are still meeting sustainability standards.

Find out more about our environmental commitments.