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Public Sector Royal Cypher Rebranding

20 Oct Public Sector Royal Cypher Rebranding
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Public Sector Royal Cypher Rebranding

The coronation of King Charles III maybe some months behind us now, however we are still getting a regular number of enquiries as public service organisations look to update their logos to include the new royal cypher.


The new royal cypher sees a shift in both key components. Not only the monogram, which changes from ER II to CR III but also the crown emblem, which sees the Tudor Crown being adopted by King Charles III, over the St Edwards Crown, which was favoured by the late Queen. Organisations may need to modify their branding based on one or both elements of the new cypher.


The home office suggested a phased approach to re-brands, asking organisations to hold off changing uniforms unless worn out and needing replacing, but the rebrand effects more widespread apparel, including ID cards, where more immediate and rolling changes are needed.  Some organisations are using the opportunity to refresh their ID Card accessories such as lanyards and badge holders at the same time. We recognise the importance of these changes, as they also represent a change in values and goals, aligned to the new monarchy. We are proud to support public sector organisations throughout their re-branding efforts, to ensure the smoothest possible transition, whilst ensuring the highest possible integrity whilst handling sensitive data.   


Our In-House Bureau Printing Services

Our in-house ID card printing bureau is a convenient solution for your identification needs. With cutting-edge printing technology at its disposal, our team of skilled professionals guarantee quick and accurate ID cards for employees, visitors, and other levels of security required. This streamlined process not only enhances security and access control but also allows for customisation and easy updates when needed.  
Using an ID card printing bureau offers numerous benefits over purchasing an ID card printer. It's more cost-effective, as it eliminates the need for expensive printer hardware and ongoing consumable expenses. Bureaus provide professional expertise, high-quality printing, and advanced security features, making them a better choice for complex ID card requirements. We can efficiently handle high print volumes and can ensure quick turnaround times, reducing administrative burdens for your staff.


Professional Printers

We understand the sensitive nature of outsourcing card printing and that it may not be suitable for all organisations. For those who want to manage these processes themselves, we also offer a range of professional printers which can be customised with magnetic stripe and smart card encoding options, UV markings, and data security. We also offer a range of pre-printed consumables such as lanyards and card holders and our comprehensive support plans will help assist you to maintaining your printer's performance.



We can offer holographic printing through litho or digital printing, ensuring full brand protection and the highest quality printing, pantone matching of colours, as well as overt and covert security printing. These additional elements are extremely difficult to replicate, making it easier for staff to be verified.


Our Exceptional Data and Security Protection

The importance of data and security protection in ID card printing for public sector organisations is key as they serve as employee authentication, access control, as well as time and attendance tracking, making the safeguarding of sensitive information a top priority. In an age where personal data is a prime target, giving priority to data security in ID card production is a vital commitment for the company's success and the peace of mind of all stakeholders.
ID Card Centre takes data privacy and security very seriously. Our strict data retention policies, cyber essentials and our work practices all help to ensure that all personal and sensitive information entrusted to us is handled with the utmost care and respect for individuals' privacy rights. With a highly skilled team of experts, our data handling practices are designed for exceptional performance, guaranteeing that every part of your ID card production process, adheres to the highest standards of data protection, giving our customers peace of mind and confidence in our services.


Why Choose Us?

We understand the unique challenges that public sector organisations and services face when it comes to ensuring the safety and security of their facilities. With 25 years’ experience in the ID and access control industry, we offer a comprehensive range of solutions tailored to the specific needs of public service providers. What sets us apart is our strong dedication to our customers and a proven track record of successful implementations and our long-term commitment to data integrity.