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Rainbow Lanyards: A Must-Have for Pride Events

07 Jun Rainbow Lanyards: A Must-Have for Pride Events
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What are rainbow lanyards?

Showing your support for matters that are important to you is crucial for many people, and that includes the LGBTQ+ rights movement. Rainbow lanyards with the colours of the LGBTQ+ flag are ideal for showing your support.

Pride lanyards have a useful metal trigger clip so you can attach important objects, such as keys, hand sanitiser, and even your mobile phone. This helps to keep everything you need close to your body and on hand when required, and the clip is suitable for attaching any object with a hole of at least 3mm.

Made from high quality polyester, our rainbow lanyards have a thickness of 20mm to ensure maximum comfort. They also feature a plastic health and safety clip, so the lanyard can be pulled apart and reattached quickly. Rainbow lanyards are made up of the six colours of the LGBT flag in a striped pattern.

ID Card Centre’s rainbow pride lanyards are 90cm in length, with a drop from the back of the neck of approx. 45cm. 

Rainbow coloured lanyards are perfect for both staff and attendees.

For attendees, you can wear lanyards to share your dedication to the movement. They are comfortable to wear and with their bright, colourful rainbow pattern, they’ll be sure to brighten up your outfit.

Staff lanyards are crucial for large pride events, as it’s important for volunteers and stewards to be easily identified. Use rainbow pride lanyards to display staff ID or large format cards featuring printed maps of your event. This helps your staff easily assist attendees at all times, even for agency staff who may not know the area of the event too well or last-minute staff who may not have received as much training.

Large format information cards are made of durable PVC. This means they are not at risk from damage due to poor weather or general wear and tear, and they can also be reused for the next year’s event if required.

Where can I buy rainbow lanyards?

ID Card Centre is a leading UK supplier of premium lanyards, and we can supply plain pride lanyards in bulk or in smaller packs. All orders placed before 2.30pm on weekdays will be dispatched same day.

If you’d like your LGBT rainbow lanyards personalised, we offer a full custom lanyard option. You can add text or a company logo to show your support for rainbow pride, and we offer a range of lead times: 3, 5, or 14-21 working day, depending on your requirements. 

You can buy packs of 25 rainbow lanyards from our website, or place an order for custom lanyards here.

To find out more information about ID Card Centre’s premium lanyards, please get in touch with a member of our expert team. We’ll be happy to help!