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ID Card Accessories

Evohold Landscape Open Faced Card Holders - Pack of 100 Evohold Landscape Open Faced Card Holders - Pack of 100
Model: 05-1000
Evohold Landscape Open-Faced ID Card Holder  Manufacturer Part Number:  05-1000 Pack Size: 100 ID Card Holders Brand:  Evohold Orientation:  Landscape Available Colours:  WH - White BK - Black (closest Pantone match 6C) NA - Natural (Clear) LB - Light Blue (closest Pantone..
£12.00 Inc Tax:£14.40
Model: 600-2000
Pack Size: 100 Size: L37mm x W42mm These die cut plastic tabs are self-adhesive and feature a euro slot for hanging on single-arm and euro hooks. Features: Made of durable clear plastic Strong self-adhesive backing Die cut euro slot for hanging ..
£8.00 Inc Tax:£9.60
Model: 05-1310
Open-Faced Double-Sided Biodegradable Cardholders - Landscape  Manufacturer Part Number:  05-1310 Pack Size: 100 card holders Brand:  Evohold Orientation:  Landscape Available Colours:  WH - White BK - Black (closest Pantone match 6C) NA - Natural (Clear) LB - Light Blue (..
£25.00 Inc Tax:£30.00
Model: 05-1315
Open Faced Double Sided Biodegradable Cardholders - Portrait Manufacturer Part Number:  05-1315 Pack Size: 100 Cardholders Brand:  Biodegradable Orientation:  Portrait Available Colours:  WH - White BK - Black (closest Pantone match 6C) NA - Natural (Clear) LB - Light Blue..
£25.00 Inc Tax:£30.00
Model: 59-1705
Foam Name Badge Tray Display, Sort and Arrange Your Name Badges With Ease from only £21 Foam name badge tray for storing and sorting all your name badges. Ensure your cards and name badges not only look professional but save time by sorting them in our handy foam name badge display trays.   Li..
£21.00 Inc Tax:£25.20
Model: 05-1702-CL
Flexible PVC Pass Holders Pack Size: 100 Maximum insert size: 92 (w) x 65mm (h) External size:  97mm (w) x 90mm (h) Orientation:  Landscape Manufacturer Part Number: 05-1702-CL Available Colours: Clear (CL) About the Flexible PVC Pass Holders Pack of 100 vinyl pass/badge hol..
£14.50 Inc Tax:£17.40
Model: 59-1701
Badge Rack - Holds 10 Cards in Horizontal Position Holds 10 Cards in Landscape Position - Only £10! Capacity:  10 cards Slot width: 90mm Card orientation:  Horizontal Dimensions: 300 x 100mm Material: Plastic Colour: Black Wall mountable: Yes (screws not provided) Manufacturer Part Number: ..
£10.00 Inc Tax:£12.00
Model: 06-1126
Pre-Printed NHS Blue Lanyards with Black Plastic Clip Pack size: 100 lanyards ID Card Centre Part Number: 06-1126 15mm wide, NHS blue (Pantone 300), polyester lanyards with black plastic clip and a single black plastic health and safety breakaway, pre-printed with the NHS logo in white. ..
£38.00 Inc Tax:£45.60
Model: 05-1600
Enclosed Crystal Card Holder Pack Size: 100 Maximum Insert Size: 86 x 54mm Orientation: Available in Landscape or Portrait Manufacturer Part Number: 05-1600 About the Enclosed Crystal Card Holder Pack of 100 rigid enclosed landscape or portrait card holders with a thumb slot that allows you to..
£28.00 Inc Tax:£33.60
Model: 05-1040
Evohold Antimicrobial Open Faced Card Holders Landscape Single Sided Manufacturer Part Number:  05-1040 Pack Size: 100 ID Card Holders Brand:  Evohold  Orientation:  Landscape Available Colours:  In stock: NHS-BL – NHS Blue (closest Pantone match 2945C) NA – Natural LB - ..
£11.50 Inc Tax:£13.80
Model: 07-1100
Locking Clip with Vinyl Strap & Popper Fastening Pack Size: 100 Manufacturer Part Number: 07-1100 Available Colours: Blue (BL), White (WH)  Please note that we only have limited stock of the blue (200 pieces) and white (100 pieces) as these have now been discontinued. Material: Vinyl Strap and M..
£20.00 Inc Tax:£24.00
Model: 07-1007
Locking Clip with Reinforced Vinyl Strap Pack Size: 100 Manufacturer Part Number: 07-1007 Fastening: Metal Popper Strap length: 6cm (open), 3cm (closed) About the Locking Clip with Reinforced Vinyl Strap Locking Clip with Reinforced Vinyl Strap & Metal Popper Fastening. It is a simple and effe..
£15.00 Inc Tax:£18.00
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ID Card Holders & Accessories

At ID Card Centre we stock a wide range of ID cards and badge-wearing accessories such as card holders. These can be used to ensure your chosen form of ID is worn and displayed in a safe and practical way that meets your needs.  Our solutions are suitable for a variety of sectors and applications, including security, high-risk environments, food production, manufacturing and events. Below are some of the different accessories that we offer. 

Cardholders and Pouches

ID Card holders and pouches are generally attached to a lanyard or yo-yo badge reel for easy, safe and clear displaying of your ID. We also stock solutions for displaying cards in a vehicle windscreen - ideal for regulating entry into private car parks. In addition, armband holders are available, which are suited for use when a lanyard and cardholder could intrude on the individual’s job role, such as security personnel.

Cardholders are available in a huge range of colours and styles to make them suitable for all kinds of needs and for use in any business or industry. Furthermore, we stock a range of styles such as portrait, landscape, rigid and flexible, so you can select the style of the cardholder that best meets your needs. For those requiring more specialist ID solutions, food-safe and secure lockable card holders are available to prevent food contamination and ID theft respectively. Our cardholders can be single-sided, double-sided, open-faced or closed- certain models can also hold multiple cards.

Badge Reels and Yo-Yos

Employees can clip badge reels to their clothing, such as belt loops or top pockets, so their ID is always visible. They are also great for attaching access control cards or fobs so that they are easily accessible for the user at all times. Our badge reels come in a variety of colours, styles and finishes, including heavy-duty options that can be personalised with your company logo or branding.

Clips and Fittings

We stock locking clips, clothes clips, grippers, magnets and pins to allow ID cards and badges to be easily attached to clothing. This wide range of solutions is sure to meet your needs if you are searching for a non-permanent solution to ID display on your company’s employees.


From plain to printed, flat to tubular, health and safety breakaways and a variety of different clip types, we have so many options for lanyards that they need their own page! Click here to see them all.

Chains and Beads

Nickel-free metal or plastic bead chains are a lightweight and cost-effective alternative to a lanyard. Whilst they can’t be printed with any text or branding like a lanyard, they are available in a range of different colours to match your company’s brand.

Card Storage

For storing and transporting your ID cards, event passes or delegate badges. We stock a wide range of products like plastic card boxes, wall-mounted card racks, conference badge cases and trays. Cardboard boxes and trays are also available and are a lower-cost option suited to temporary usage- they are flat packable, too.

Name Badges

As well as our credit card-sized printed plastic ID cards, we can also offer plastic and metal name badges that are ideal for issuing to customer-facing employees in supermarkets or stores, for example. They come in different finishes, shapes and styles- making them a versatile solution to name badge production and supply.

Card Slot Punches

Card slot/hole punches enable easy punching of cards on site. This can be useful for if you are printing cards in-house on an ad hoc basis and need to add punches for the lanyards to go through. They can also be used to monitor card usage by adding a new punch to a customer’s loyalty card every time they buy a coffee in your shop, for example.

Stickers and Labels

We stock a variety of stickers and labels to meet a range of needs, from security and access control to hardhat ICE (In Case of Emergency) stickers. Cam-block stickers are a smart and efficient way of prohibiting camera usage at exclusive or private events, whilst our MIFARE 1K stickers can be attached to company vehicles or ID cards to allow site entry.

Braille Stickers

To account for more specific needs, we can supply braille stickers personalised with your own information that can be attached to ID cards or company literature to make the information more accessible.


We recommend using Terracycle's Zero-Waste Box for recycling any name badges, vinyl wallets or lanyards when you no longer require them. The Zero-Waste Box allows you to collect and recycle easily with a pre-paid return label on the box once it has been filled.