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Model: 07-1100
Locking Clip with Vinyl Strap & Popper FasteningPack Size: 100Manufacturer Part Number: 07-1100Available Colours: Blue (BL), White (WH)  Please note that we only have limited stock of the blue (200 pieces) and white (100 pieces) as these have now been discontinued.Material: Vinyl Strap and M..
£20.00 Inc Tax:£24.00
Model: 07-1007
Locking Clip with Reinforced Vinyl StrapPack Size: 100Manufacturer Part Number: 07-1007Fastening: Metal PopperStrap length: 6cm (open), 3cm (closed)About the Locking Clip with Reinforced Vinyl StrapLocking Clip with Reinforced Vinyl Strap & Metal Popper Fastening. It is a simple and effe..
£15.00 Inc Tax:£18.00
Model: 07-1005
Locking Clip with Frosted Nylon StrapPack Size: 100Manufacturer Part Number: 07-1005Material: Frosted NylonAbout the Locking Clip with Frosted Nylon StrapA simple and effective way of attaching your ID Card to your clothing without ruining it. No pins!Simply thread the popper end through..
£12.00 Inc Tax:£14.40
Model: 07-1000
Locking Lever Clip with Clear Strap & Metal Popper FasteningManufacturer Part Number: 07-1000Pack size: 100Fastening: Metal PopperStrap Length:  6cm (open), 3cm (closed)About the Locking Lever Clip with Clear Strap & Metal Popper FasteningUsed for wearing ID Cards and name badges.  These..
£15.00 Inc Tax:£18.00
Model: 07-1002
Crocodile Clip with Clear Strap & Metal Popper FasteningManufacturer Part Number: 07-1002Pack Size: 100Fastening: Metal Crocodile Clip and Metal PopperStrap Length: 4cm (open), 2cm (closed)About the Crocodile Clip with Clear Strap & Metal Popper Fastening​Used for wearing ID Cards and na..
£15.00 Inc Tax:£18.00
Model: 07-1200-WH
Plastic Strap ClipsUnfortunately we have run out of our stock for both blue and white options of these clipsPack Size: 100  Manufacturer Part Number: 07-1200Available Colours: White (WH) only.  Blue has now been discontinued.  We have now run out of our limited stock of white clips, as these..
£15.00 Inc Tax:£18.00
Model: 07-1210
All Plastic Stud Clip for Name BadgesPack size:  100 clipsManufacturer part number: 07-1210Material:  PlasticColour:  WhiteAbout the All Plastic Stud ClipMade entirely of plastic so is ideal for environments where metal is not permitted, such as where metal sensitive machinery is in oper..
£12.00 Inc Tax:£14.40
Model: 07-1535
Clear plastic luggage loop – pack of 100Product code: 07-1535Pack Size: 100 per packLength: 17cmAbout the Clear Plastic Luggage LoopsThese clear plastic luggage loops allow you to attach your personal identity or luggage tag to suitcases, bags, clothing or travel cases.As an ..
£11.50 Inc Tax:£13.80
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Clip, magnet, pin or grip – the choice is yours

So you are happy with your ID access cards and have chosen the appropriate cardholder or pouch for your people to display them. The next question is how will they be fixed to the clothing of the person in order to be displayed safely and clearly? You need to make a choice that your employees and visitors will feel comfortable with and remember to carry.

Whether you choose a magnetic lapel fitting, a locking clip, a pin or an innovative gripper badge holder, ID Card Centre offers many options to suit a variety of sectors and applications including security, high risk environments, food production, manufacturing and events. Some clip fittings are available in a selection of colours.