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PAC Cards and Fobs

Model: 96-20115
PAC 20115 GS3-MT Oneprox Smart Reader PAC20115Administration Kit for administering or adding credentials on PAC SecureNet or EasiNet Residential Software.Includes a USB cable for connecting the reader to a PC and also a software CD with all relevant drivers.The MT reader will read PAC, S..
£185.00 Inc Tax:£222.00
Model: 20111
PAC OneProx™ GS3 LF Standard ReaderManufacturer Part Number: 909020111Product Type: ReaderManufacturer: PACTechnology: Low Frequency (125kHz and 153.6kHz)Frequency: 125kHz & 153.6kHz The PAC LF reader range supports all PAC LF ID Devices and many Wiegand format Tokens. Designed to work i..
£194.50 Inc Tax:£233.40
Model: 21-1012
PAC Proximity TokenManufacturers part number: 21020Pack Size: 10 Product Type: Tokens, Keytags/KeyfobsManufacturer: PACTechnology: 125kHz ProximityFrequency: 125kHzAbout PAC Proximity TokenEasily attached to key ring or lanyard Made from a durable material No battery needed Uniq..
£63.00 Inc Tax:£75.60
Model: 21031
PAC Proximity Card with Blank HICO MagstripeManufacturers part number: 21031Product Type: PVC Cards, Proximity Cards, Mag StripeCard Thickness: 760 micronManufacturer: PACTechnology: 125kHz Proximity, Mag StripeFrequency: 125kHzAbout PAC Proximity Card with Blank HICO Mag..
£52.99 Inc Tax:£63.59
Model: 21-2108
PAC Stanley Proximity TokenAvailable in 7 Distinctive ColoursManufacturers Part Number: See BelowPack Size: 10Product Type: Tokens, Keytags/KeyfobsManufacturer: PACTechnology: 125kHz ProximityFrequency: 125kHzColours Available: Red, Green, Light Blue, Yellow, Orange, ..
£27.50 Inc Tax:£33.00
Model: 21-1190
PAC ISO Printable MIFARE® Smart CardsManufacturers part numbers: 40090 – now superseded by 21105Product Type: Printable PVC Cards, ContactlessCard Thickness: 760 micronManufacturer: PACTechnology: MIFAREFormat: ISOProxFrequency: 13.56MHzAbout PAC ISO Printable MIFARE Smart CardsPri..
£25.00 Inc Tax:£30.00
Model: 21-1010
KeyPAC 21018 Thin ISO Printable Proximity CardManufacturers Part Number: 21018 Previous Manufacturer Part Number: 21030Pack Size: 10Product Type: PVC Cards, Proximity CardsCard Thickness: 760 micronManufacturer: PACTechnology: 125kHz ProximityFormat: ISO ProxFrequency: 125kHzAbout ..
£29.50 Inc Tax:£35.40
Model: 21-1010-FOB
KEYPAC Proximity Token Manufacturer Part Number: 20250Pack Size: 10Product Type: Keytags/Keyfobs, TokensManufacturer: PACTechnology: 125kHz ProximityFrequency: 125kHzAbout KeyPAC Proximity TokenThe KeyPAC Token offers a cost-effective solution with all the benefits of KeyPAC technolo..
£52.50 Inc Tax:£63.00
Model: 21041
PAC ISO Proximity Cards with MagstripeManufacturer Part Number: 21041Pack Size: 10Product Type: PVC Cards, Proximity Cards, Mag StripeCard Thickness: 760 micronManufacturer: PACTechnology: 125kHz Proximity, MagstripeFormat: ISOProxFrequency: 125kHzAbout PAC ISO Pr..
£69.00 Inc Tax:£82.80
Model: 21-1005
PAC Plain Proximity Cards 21039Manufacturer Part Number: 21-1005Pack Size: 10Product Type: PVC Cards, Proximity Cards, Plain WhiteCard Thickness: 760 micronManufacturer: PACTechnology: 125kHz ProximityFrequency: 125kHzAbout PAC Plain Proximity Cards 21039 – also known as K2011B-10P..
£46.99 Inc Tax:£56.39
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PAC expertise in card and fob format

PAC is a market leader in scalable, versatile access control solutions with a range of products to suit different applications and budgets. Flexible access control means preventing access to high security areas and allowing employees and visitors to gain access to relevant areas needed at the right times.

Renowned for their printable cards and key fobs, PAC components have convenience and flexibility at their core. Tokens and cards are designed to be easily attached to a key ring, badge clip, or badge holder. They are built to withstand harsh operating environments and are suited to any location.

A thorough access control system with PIN pads, access cards or key fobs and card readers at entry points is essential to regulate access within your business or organisation. ID Card Centre understands that your location may include areas that contain sensitive personal data such as credit card details, medical information or personal financial data. Restricting access to these areas reduces the risk of a security breach.

Accurate cards or key fobs – whichever suits your business best – allow access through the controlled doors, and can be disabled from the system if they are lost, stolen or not returned when someone leaves the company.  Access control gives organisations the security and flexibility they need. Entry can be restricted by area or even by time – only allowing access to users at certain times of day or night.

With all the major manufacturers’ access control equipment available, ID Card Centre can supply the cards, card readers, PIN pads, key fobs and lanyards to fit your existing system and advise you on the purchase of the most secure, reliable and cost-effective system for your organisation.