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Paxton Cardlock Cards (Pack of 10)

Paxton Cardlock Cards 875-001A - (Pack of 10)

Paxton Cardlock Cards (Pack of 10)

Manufacturer: Paxton

Product Type: PVC Cards, Proximity Cards

Card Thickness: 820 micron

Technology: Switch2

Format: ISOProx

Frequency: 125kHz

Colour: Green or Amber

About the Paxton Cardlock Cards (Pack of 10)

  • Use with Compact and Switch2 systems
  • All users are valid after enrolment
  • A lost card can be voided with a shadow card
  • Additional packs can be added easily
  • Simple function cards are included
  • Choice of pack sizes

About - PROXIMITY card packs are for use with PROXIMITY compact, Easyprox compact and Switch2 systems. The cards are supplied in wallets. An intuitive "shadow card" system is used for ease of management.

Operation - User cards are supplied in wallets. Each card is packaged with a corresponding shadow card. Once installation of the system is complete, all user cards are valid and ready to be issued. To issue a user card, remove it from the wallet and write the user's name on its corresponding shadow card. The user may now use their card to gain access. This process is repeated for all users. If a card needs to be invalidated, the corresponding shadow card is removed from the wallet and presented to any relevant readers on the site. This invalidates the card.

This product is made of a type of plastic which is not commonly recycled in the UK. It, therefore, cannot be disposed of in your normal recycling refuse collection.

We recommend taking it to your local recycling centre for a securer and more eco-friendly disposal.


Installation Instructions for Paxton Switch 2 Proximity 10 Card Pack

Initialising a new system:

1. Take the Enrolment card from the new pack.

2. Present the Enrolment card to the reader.

3. The reader beeps, and the LEDs light up.

4. All users are now valid. Keep the Enrolment card safe as you will need the card to add more cards in the future.

Adding another pack to an existing system:

To add another card pack to an existing system, you will first need to present the Enrolment card from an existing active pack. Once that is complete, present the Enrolment card from the new pack. 

ID Cards and Fobs
Product TypeCards
Card TypesPlain White,Smart Chip
Card Thickness820 Micron
TechnologySwitch 2
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Paxton Cardlock Cards (Pack of 10)
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