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Visitor Management Software

Model: 86
Visitor tracking and control made easyPlease note that this is not an instant download.CardExchange® Visitor Management software is a flexible package that supports the control and tracking of visitors within your organisation.From unlimited recordkeeping and bespoke ID badge design ..
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Model: 82-1050
Semieta Visitor Management SoftwarePlease note that this is not an instant download. Semieta™ Visitor Software is a comprehensive, cost-effective visitor management package, popular with public and private sector organisations. It is known for its usability and flexible reporting features an..
Model: 82-1070
Semieta Cloud Based Card Management SoftwarePlease note that this is not an instant download.Do you require a multi-site solution for your card printing with centralised management?Semieta Cloud Card Management Solution offersSecure hosted environment 99.99% uptime Easy to use..
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Visitor Management Software

A streamlined registration process provides the best visitor experience but it’s not always easy to achieve, that’s where visitor management software can help. The manufacturers Semieta, CardExchange and Evolis really understand visitor tracking and control, that’s why we stock their specialist visitor management software. 

Where traditional visitor books can cause a GDPR (General Data Protection Regulations) headache - all of our visitor management software solutions help you to manage your visitor data whilst ensuring it is secure and cannot be accessed by any unauthorised personnel.

Semieta Visitor Management, CardExchange Visitor and the Evolis Hello Visitors Print Bundle products all allow smooth registration and professional badge design for large and small organisations in the public and private sector. From unlimited recordkeeping and bespoke ID badge design to large-scale multiple event management and rewritable cards, ID Card Centre has it all covered. 

Semieta™ Visitor Software

A comprehensive and easy-to-use product, SemietaTM Visitor Software records and lists all visits and helps you track who is on the premises at any time. Creating standard reports, designing ID badges and producing a roll call for emergencies are just some of the basic functions. 

There are three software levels to choose from – Lite, Pro and Enterprise. From single to multi-site licences, SemietaTM Visitor Software works equally well at manned locations or remote sites. Easily link up to a webcam, barcode scanner and intranet booking system for additional benefits.

CardExchange™ Visitor Management Software

CardExchange™ Visitor enables smooth registration and professional badge design for your front-desk function and captures vital data on visitor types for evacuation reports and watch lists. Extremely easy to navigate, this visitor tracking software helps you to minimise security risks, reduce backlog, categorise visitors and issue policy documents to sign on arrival.

With all the tools needed to set up large events, you can also set up a touch-screen kiosk for barcode self-registration to avoid lobby congestion or for unattended venues. Available in three scalable editions (Enter, Standard and Business), CardExchange™ Visitor Management Software upgrades can be purchased as your business grows and your needs change. 

Evolis Visitors Printer Bundle

An all-in-one solution to your visitor ID card requirements is the Evolis Visitors Printer Bundle. Comprising Facility Friend software, an Evolis Apteo ID card printer,plain pvc cards and badge-holders, the bundle offers instant badge personalisation and is affordable.

The software allows you to create a database, analyse visitor data and produce an evacuation report. The Evolis Visitors Printer Bundle includes 100 plain pvc cards, 100 badge holders and lanyards.