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Vital ID Worker Emergency ID Sticker WS-ID01

Vital ID Worker Emergency ID Sticker WS-ID01

Vital ID Worker Emergency ID Sticker WS-ID01

Our Best Selling ICE Sticker Only £3.45 Each

Ideal for all hard hat industries and sports!

 Suitable for hard hats, helmets, clothing and harnesses 
 Emergency responders can access the information without removing the helmet or moving the body
 Secure – keeps important information safe and private until needed
 100% waterproof
 Featuring 3M Scotchlite reflective material
 Small and lightweight - less than 5 grams and only 7cm x 1.5cm
 Helmet safe adhesive
 A very low cost safety solution

About the Vital ID Worker Emergency ID Sticker WS-ID01

The WSID-01 is the original emergency ID sticker for workers.  However, our hard hat ID is very versatile and can be used on any type of helmet, clothing and other equipment such as a harness, reflective vest, tool box etc. making it suitable for many sports too!

Furthermore, it is extremely durable and is not affected by extremes of temperature so it will withstand outdoor use.

The "Emergency Design” features the internationally recognised “Star of Life” medical symbol ensuring first responders on the scene are immediately aware of its function and where to look for information.

The waterproof insert card has been redesigned to allow an increased amount of information to be stored, further strengthening the reasoning for using these Hard Hat ID.

This worker safety product is the ideal solution for assisting in the essential work of pro-active health & safety officers in all industries where dangerous situations may occur such as construction, oil & gas, mining, heavy industry, railways and utilities.


Workplace Emergencies

Ask yourself...

  • Do you really know your employees, colleagues and workmates?  
  • Do you know their medical needs?  
  • Do you know who to contact in an emergency?
If an accident happens in the workplace, beyond calling the emergency services, are you in the best possible position to help your employees and colleagues?  
Even if your employment records contain vital information about medical conditions, medications, allergies and who to contact in case of an emergency, can this information be accessed quickly?  Afterall administering the wrong medication could be a matter or life or death...
Our Worker Emergency ID product allows each worker to carry their critical and potentially lifesaving I.D. securely and discretely. They are essential for providing paramedics or first-responders with the person's critical, potentially lifesaving medical information & ICE contacts, essential in an accident or medical emergency.
Our Worker Emergency ID solutions are designed to assist in the essential work of pro-active health & safety officers in all helmet and hard hat wearing industries such as:
  • Construction
  • Oil and Gas
  • Mining
  • Heavy Industry
  • Utilities
  • Railways and Roads

We can also supply the other products from the VitalID range if you require - please contact us for more information and a quotation.

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Vital ID Worker Emergency ID Sticker WS-ID01
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