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ID Stickers and Labels

Model: 60-2515
Cam-block Tamper Evident Mobile Phone Stickers (38x38mm) Dimensions: 38mm x 38mm (custom sizes available on request. POA) Colours Available: Red. Plain stickers are generally a stock item. Printed stickers have the Cam-block icon with a unique sequential number. Printed stickers are pre-printe..
£34.65 Inc Tax:£41.58
Brand: ID Card Centre Ltd Model: 20-1060
FOTODEK PVC Cards White Adhesive with Paper Backing 400 micron Number of cards per pack:  100 cards Card Size and Thickness:  CR80 - standard credit card size 85.6mm x 54mm (3.375" x 2.125") and thickness 760 micron Manufacturer:  Fotodek ID Card Centre part number:  20-1060 About FOTODEK PVC C..
£28.50 Inc Tax:£34.20
Brand: Fotodek Model: 20-1002-480
PVC Cards White Adhesive with Paper Backing 480 micron FOTODEK Pack size:  100 cards About FOTODEK PVC Cards White Adhesive with Paper Backing 480 micron FOTODEK premium cards with self-adhesive backing, widely used to add photo ID to proximity cards and cards that you cannot directly print..
£28.50 Inc Tax:£34.20
Brand: Paxton Model: 21-1021
Paxton Net2 Self Adhesive Proximity Disc Manufacturer: Paxton Manufacturers part numbers: 660-100 Pack Size: 10 pack Product Type: Stickers, Adhesive, Contact Chip, Contactless Technology: Net2 Format: Mircoprox Frequency: 125kHz Dimensions: Depth 2mm x Diameter 25mm About..
£26.46 Inc Tax:£31.75
Brand: Mifare Model: 21-1048-26-TK
MIFARE® 1K Plastic Sticker 26mm - Pack of 100 Pack size:  100 stickers IDCC Part Number: 21-1048-26-TK Size: 26mm diameter  Format: MIFARE® Classic Memory Size: 1KB of read/write memory Colour: White Material: Plastic Manufacturer: NXP About MIFARE® 1K Plastic Sticker 26mm..
£82.50 Inc Tax:£99.00
Brand: Mifare Model: 21-1048-38
MIFARE® Classic 1K Stickers Manufacturer Part Number: MF-1K-SA-38 IDCC Part Number: 21-1048-38 Pack size: 100 Size: 38mm x 38mm Format: MIFARE® Classic (approximately 10cm) Memory Size: 1KB of read/write memory Standard: ISO 14443A Frequency: 13.56 MHz Colour: White Mat..
£96.00 Inc Tax:£115.20
-37 %
Brand: NXP Model: 21-1341-ADH-12x19
NXP NTAG213 SMARTRAC Midas NFC Stickers Pack size:  100 stickers IDCC Part Number: 21-1341-ADH-12x19 Size: 12 x 19 mm Format: NTAG213 Colour: Clear Material: Plastic Manufacturer: NXP About NXP NTAG213 SMARTRAC Midas NFC Stickers These NFC stickers have read and write func..
£45.99 £29.00 Inc Tax:£34.80
Brand: Mifare Model: 21-1046
MIFARE® Classic 1K Sticker 27mm Round Our Best Selling MIFARE Sticker - Available to purchase individually from only £0.80 a sticker! Manufacturer Part Number: MF-1K-SA IDCC Part Number: 21-1046 Size: 27mm diameter  Technology: MIFARE® Classic (Range approximately 10cm) Memory Size..
£0.80 Inc Tax:£0.96
Brand: Mifare Model: 21-1048-15-TK
MIFARE® 1K Plastic Sticker 15mm Round - Pack of 100 Pack size:  100 stickers IDCC Part Number: 21-1048-15-PL Size: 15mm diameter  Technology: MIFARE® Format: MIFARE® Classic Memory Size: 1KB of read/write memory Colour: White Material: Plastic Manufacturer: NXP About M..
£95.00 Inc Tax:£114.00
Brand: HID Model: 1435NSSNN
HID MIFARE® ClassicAdhesive Tag Non-Programmed* Manufacturers part number: 1435NSSNN Pack Size: 100 tags Minimum Order Quantity: 100 Tags Type: Adhesive & Contactless Technology: Mifare Format: Mifare Classic Frequency: Other Memory Type: 1K Byte (8,192 bits) Manufacturer:..
£3.14 Inc Tax:£3.77
Brand: ID Card Centre Ltd Model: 20-2010
Vital ID Worker Emergency ID Sticker WS-ID01 Our Best Selling ICE Sticker Only £3.45 Each Ideal for all hard hat industries and sports!  Suitable for hard hats, helmets, clothing and harnesses   Emergency responders can access the information without removing the helmet or moving the body  Secu..
£3.45 Inc Tax:£4.14
Brand: Mifare Model: 21-1042-25x25
MIFARE® Classic 4K EV1 Stickers Manufacturer Part Number:  IDCC Part Number: 21-1042-25x25 Pack size: 100 Size: 25mm x 25mm MIFARE® Range: MIFARE® Classic (approximately 10cm) Memory Size: 4KB of read/write memory Standard: ISO 14443A Frequency: 13.56 MHz Colour: White ..
£119.00 Inc Tax:£142.80
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Enhancing the usability of ID cards with extra stickers and labels

When you need to turn your plain plastic ID card into a smart access card, the ideal solution is to add a proximity sticker to it. ID Card Centre stocks a range of MIFARE stickers compatible with access systems from HID, Paxton and Kantech.

With all sorts of products to enhance the use of your existing ID cards, we stock windscreen stickers in various dimensions to hold an ID card ready for external reading. Also available is a range of different sized adhesive cards with paper backing, useful for adding a photo ID to an existing proximity or non-printable card.  

To aid construction site safety, we have adhesive emergency ID labels for hard hats and even stocks stickers designed to block the use of a phone's camera without stopping the other features of the phone from being used in sensitive areas.