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Custom Event Pass Printing: On-Demand Large Format Badges

11 Jan Custom Event Pass Printing: On-Demand Large Format Badges
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Custom Event Pass Printing

Branding is a crucial element to the success of events. It's important to create a well-known identity that resonates with your audience, and that doesn't stop at advertising. Your tickets, passes or badges are also part of the experience, and that means adding custom business designs alongside any personalisation.


Why use custom event passes


Having a pass or ticket system in place for your event can improve security significantly. The safety of your visitors and attendees is paramount, and therefore you should issue each one with a pass, alongside providing security, staff and crew with security passes.

Passes can include as much information as you require. Often, this includes the artwork and name of your event, the location, timings, and a QR code or barcode. Additionally, you may wish to add the name of the person attending and a photo for ID.

People who attend events such as festivals or concerts often keep any tickets as a souvenir, so tailoring them to your business them is key. Physical tickets add to the overall experience of your event, improving the emotional attachment you have with your customers and encouraging loyalty towards your event.


How to personalise custom printed event badges


To produce high-quality custom event passes, you should start with a template. Add some design elements, such as your business colours, fonts and your logo, to make it highly recognisable. Once this template is in place, you can add key information about your event, including:

  • The name of your event
  • The location of your event
  • Timings, such as a rundown of speakers or doors opening
  • The name of the badge or ticketholder
  • Photo ID
  • Maps of your event location
  • QR codes
  • Barcodes
  • Various sizes (if appropriate)
  • Accessorise with a personalised lanyard

Information on event ticket

You may find it difficult to include all of the information required onto your event pass, but ID Card Centre has the ideal solution for event pass printing.


Custom branded event badge printer


With the PriceCardPro Flex+, you can produce custom badges on-demand, meeting your event requirements as they appear. This is a robust and durable device that offers a range of flexibility options, and its compact size of 21cm (W) x 25.1cm (H) x 38.6cm (D) means that it can fit into a range of environments.

The range of compatible ribbons mean you can print in full colour or monochrome, and you can print on both sides of the card, allowing extra space for your custom event badges whilst you brand your event brilliantly.

You can also decide how your event passes are printed, with three different sizes available:

Using a large format card allows you to add extra styling to your artwork, or you can utilise the space for event information, variable data, and security features.

Print areas on PriceCardPro Flex+

The PriceCardPro Flex+ is a fast production model, with print speeds of up to 190 full-colour cards per hour and 750 monochrome cards per hour. With minimal input required, you can send your data to print on event passes and use the time to focus on other important aspects of your event.

This printer can produce passes for a whole range of event types, accommodating different sizes and materials, including PVC and eco-friendly options. PVC cards are durable and can withstand most conditions, but for short-term use, they aren't the ideal solution. We offer recycled PVC cards and biodegradable plastic cards, alongside enviricard® paperboard cards.


Recyclable options for event and security passes


Enviricard® paperboard cards are ideal for a full sustainable solution for event passes. Whether you need full colour or monochrome, you can easily add any customisation for single or double sided printing onto eco friendly cards.

Made from fully sustainable recycled materials, including renewable bio-energy and the utilisation of wooden waste products, these enviricard® cards provide events organisers with recyclable, attractive passes that are made of paper – a great addition to your event. Order online to start personalising your paper event passes.

Whilst the Flex+ is capable of printing full colour event name badges, passes or tickets, the longer 109mm and 140mm cards will only accept a full-colour print area equivalent to a 54mm x 86mm (CR80) card and will not automatically print double-sided. Pre-printed cards and manually flipping cards to print on the reverse allow for the additional card area to be covered. The 54mm x 140mm cards can only be printed in monochrome using the Flex+, but is ideal for over-printing on (colour) pre-printed cards.


Card SizeMonochromeColourDouble-Sided
54mm x 150mm
54mm x 128mm
54mm x 109mm
54mm x 86mm

↻ With manual feeding/flipping of the card


Pre-printed designs for easy issuance


We offer full customisation options for pre printed cards at a small extra cost. This includes your logo and branding, with a blank space for overprinting details. This allows you to customise the event passes with the varying levels required, such as standard tickets, VIP, or even staff. Pre-printing allows you to choose from a range of finishes, including gloss or matt, spot UV, hot foil, and more. With pre-printing, you can also choose to laminate passes, making them much more durable and suitable for all weather conditions. 

Once you have a stock of cards that have been digitally printed with your branded design, you can use the PriceCardPro Flex+ to overprint any personalisation such as photo ID, a name, barcodes, QR codes and more.

For more information on design options available or how you can improve your event passes today, please contact a member of our friendly team. They can also advise you on accessories such as personalised lanyards to help complete the look.