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Enviricard Paperboard Cards: Ideal for Sustainable ID and Gift Cards

28 Nov Enviricard Paperboard Cards: Ideal for Sustainable ID and Gift Cards
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Launching enviricard® paperboard cards 

Plastic cards are ideal for a number of consumable cards, including access control cards, gift cards, staff ID cards, loyalty cards, key cards and more, but for instances where they only need to be used in a short-term setting, they're less than ideal. 

PVC is only recyclable under specific circumstances, and many PVC card recycling services are not easily accessible. This creates plastic waste in unnecessary volumes, but not using attractive printed cards can reduce the quality you're aiming for. 

enviricard® paper cards offer the ideal sustainable solution for card printing.

Introducing enviricard®: a green alternative to plastic cards 

enviricard® is an environmentally friendly alternative to PVC cards. Made from 100% wood-based product, they're entirely plastic free and compostable, meaning when they're no longer needed, they can be recycled with no impact to the planet.

They're ideal for short runs of temporary staff ID, photo ID, gift cards, membership cards, event tickets and more, and the cards can either be supplied blank for dye sublimation printing with a desktop card printer or with your branding, ready for you to personalise.

enviricard® paper cards are the only plastic-free option that can be printed in full colour on standard dye sublimation card printers, meaning there are a range of customisation options available. You can print on these using standard full colour or monochrome ribbons, and also scratch off panels, meaning they're ideal for adding PIN numbers to your card if required. These options give you the flexibility to use these cards in a number of settings. 

How paperboard cards are made 

enviricard® is 100% plastic-free and eco friendly, but its true selling point is the production process.

Made at a wood mill in Sweden, paper cards are created entirely from the waste that results from the production of sawn wood, such as flooring or furniture. This process also uses 100% bioenergy and natural resources, such as energy released from the smoke of burning wood chips and a nearby lake as a natural water source.  

Alongside this, for every tree that is used in the production of paper cards, another three are planted to replace it, meaning there's a continuous replenishment of wood and even more trees contributing to a thriving ecosystem.  

Despite being made from paper, these cards are durable, water-resistant and customisable, and have been awarded the plastic free trust mark to certify their green credentials. 

Enviricard Card

Ideal uses for enviricard®

Introducing enviricard® cards allows you to improve your carbon footprint whilst using them in a range of applications.

Their durability and versatility means they're ideal for an ideal solution for a number of applications. You could use them to print environmentally friendly gift cards, access and ID cards, event tickets, or even smart cards. With the option for technology chips (such as RFID), you can use these cards as contactless cards for access control, cashless vending, and more. 

Not only do these cards benefit the user on a day-to-day basis, but they greatly impact your company's carbon footprint and reduce plastic use. They're ideal for giving you flexibility of choice, whilst the green credentials ensure your organisation meets its sustainability goals. 

Although these cards are made of paper, they are still durable and stand up to today's card, typically made of PVC.  

ID Card Centre are proud suppliers of enviricard®. You can easily purchase a stack of 100 blank cards for you to print on our website, or contact us for printed personalisation options. This can be fully designed and printed paper cards, or cards that are printed with your base artwork including your brand, for you to overprint any personal information such as a name, job title, and photo ID.