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ID Card Printing for Education

Using plastic cards for event badges is becoming increasingly popular due to the professional finish, increased security and durability they offer.  They can also do away with the need for a separate name badge holder and depending on the fitting you choose can either be attached to a lanyard to be worn around the neck, a badge reel that clips to a waist band or clips, pins or multi clips to attach directly to clothing.

Our plastic cards come in a variety of colours and can include photos, barcodes, QR codes, holograms, scratch panels and a host of other features giving you greater value for money and an item your guests will want to keep hold of, extending the life of your event brand message. Our plastic cards are so versatile that we’ve made them for many other functions including VIP tickets for events, competition scratch cards, business cards, event schedules, luggage tags, key-ring fobs, ICE (In Case of Emergency) info tags and even drinks tokens! 

Our card printing service is suitable for any size print run but particularly for small runs, even if that’s just a single card! 

There’s no need to invest any time and money purchasing the kit required when we have it all here ready to go.  

Cards can be delivered within 24 hours from receipt of your order and artwork can be kept on file to expedite any future orders.  

If you``re concerned about how to handle extras and changes on site then you can hire a rental printer to print on demand and we can of course pre-print your badge stock to maximise throughput and print speed on the day.

We can print cards in full colour including photos and personalisation, you simply send us through a spreadsheet with all of the details and any images and we do the rest! 

Plastic cards can also be printed on both sides, personalised with photos, barcodes, QR codes and Holodesigns™.

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