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CardExchange Go - an entry level badging solution

As I’m sure most of you are aware, CardExchange is a card designing and printing software which offers many fantastic functions. These distinct functions can be acquired dependant on what level of CardExchange software you have.

The 5 main editions of CardExchange Producer available are as follows:

Without going into specifics of each level of CardExchange, you can already see that there is a range of levels all offering different functions.

CardExchange Box and disc

So, the question is, for those who may have never used CardExchange before, where do you fit in on the software ladder?

To answer this question, I would strongly suggest taking a look in to the ‘Go edition’ CardExchange have to offer. This is the perfect level of software for users who are looking to get started on CardExchange, coming with all the basic functions available throughout all levels of the software. In addition to this, the GO edition pushes users to go through the card designer walkthrough, helping you build your own knowledge of the software’s tools. This level of the software allows users to create up to 5 designs, add and store up to 200 records on the internal database and most importantly, print your own identification cards in full.

I believe this software is not only offering a viable solution for small business looking for a ID card software solution perfect for managing small scale ID card production. But this software is also offering the stepping stone for all users to initially grow their own knowledge and skills as well as still having the functionality produce and print their own ID card designs.

Once users have reaped the benefits of CardExchange GO and obtained all the skills they need, you can purchase the relevant edition upgrade to extend your software’s functionality and unlock features such as encoding, external database connections, signatures, etc.

If you would like to learn more about CardExchange GO, or any other version of CardExchange, you can find them on our website or, if you have any specific questions you would like answering, please do feel free to contact me via email

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